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Registrar Office

Message from the Registrar

I take this opportunity to welcome you all on behalf of the Bangladesh University (BU) family. BU is one of the leading private universities in Bangladesh and as Registrar, I am fortunate to carry forward mission and vision of this institution. The prime task of our management is to execute all programs of BU with adequate planning, academic assessment and feedback. We are the custodian of BU management system to ensure smooth operation and timely implementation of planning & decisions framed by BU authorities. Our academic programs are of the highest standards and commensurate with the corporate and industry requirements and are constantly reviewed to match the changing trends and demands of the corporate and industrial world. The university has put in places various resources like sate of art urban lab, tech lab, digital class rooms, libraries and various clubs to enable students to have an enriching academic experience and to get opportunity to develop their latent talents, hobbies and personality.
As our students, faculty members and staff are from different socio-economic and religious back ground, we provide equal opportunity for everyone. We always keep our doors open to listen to all of them as they are direct source of information and feedback.
My best wishes for those who seek to be a part of BU.

Niaz Mohammed Khan



Office of the Registrar

Photo Name and Designation Contact Information
Major Niaz Mohammed Khan (Retd.)
Email: Phone: 02 8117951,

Fax: +88 02 9141019

Md. Siddiqur Rahman
Sr. Assistant Registrar
Email: Phone: 01755559324,

Fax: +88 02 9141019

Md. Moshiur Rahman
Assistant Registrar
Email:   Phone: 01755511976
Urfa Zewar
Assistant Registrar
Email: Phone:
Mohammad Shafiquzzaman
Officer on Special Duty

Phone: 01755559322

Md. Ahsan-Uz–Zaman
Executive(Office of the Registrar)

Phone: 01755559327

Md. Ahsan Habib Abir
Support Engineer (IT)
Email:   Phone: 01739135600
Provakar Ray 
IT Executive
Phone: 01957805275
Ms. Nadira Akter
Asst. Course Coordinator
Email:   Phone: 01755556548
Md. Hatem Ali
Assistant: Reg. Office
Email:   Phone: 01755511978


Admission Section

Photo Name and Designation Contact Information
Farjana Ahmed
Deputy Registrar
Email:  Phone: 01755559325
Golam Rabbani
Admission Officer
Email:   Phone: 01723269456
Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun
Assistant Admission Officer
Email:    Phone: 01711931466
Aowai Marma
Email:    Phone: 01744291258


HR Section

Photo Name and Designation Contact Information
Md. Tariqul Islam
Sr. Assistant Registrar

Phone: 01755559309

Md. Moksedul Islam    
Office Assistant (HR & PR)
Email:  Phone: 01728027259


Public Relation Section

Photo Name and Designation Contact Information
Md. Shohel Ahsan Nipu
Deputy Registrar
Phone: 01755559310
Fax: +88 02 9141019

Departmental Office Employees

Photo Name and Designation Contact Information
Md. Alamgir Hossain
Office Assistant  (Dean, SET)
Email:    Phone: 01952297880
Md. Hedayet Ali Biswas
Lab Administrator (CSE)
Email: Phone: 01733-620273
Md. Imran Hasan
Lab Assistant   (Pharmacy)
Email:     Phone: 0174689793
Md. Ohidul Islam
Lab Assistant  (Pharmacy)
Email:  Phone:  01912943419
Anik Kumar Saha
Lab Assistant (Pharmacy)
Email:    Phone: 01916-106734
Md. Nazrul Islam 
Lab Assistant  (EEE)
Email:  Phone: 01733402740
Md. Mahmudul Hasan
Lab Technician  (EEE)

Phone: 01738694742

K.M. Ashfuque Mahmud Shovo
Office Assistant (Dean, B & E)

Phone: 01912830658

Rubel Sheikh
Office Assistant (Business Admin)
Phone: 01923984862
Shamima Khan
Office Assistant (Law)
Phone: 01739031287
Fazle Rabbi
Lab Assistant  (Architecture)
Email:    Phone: 01516179982