Mission and Vision of Law Department

The ultimate mission and vision of the Department of Law of BU is to prepare the students fit for the challenges of the 21st century. The Bangladesh University started its journey in 2001 with a view to imparting quality education at a very affordable cost. The Department of Law was inaugurated in 2005 in this university for the purpose of serving the same mission.

Legal Education in Bangladesh has undergone a paradigm shift during the last decade. Law is now a fascinating subject, with a great tradition and a dynamic future. The option to study law is now by choice rather than by chance. Law is the corner stone of a society and plays an increasingly important and visible role in virtually all areas of modern life. Therefore, only the judges and the lawyers are addressed with respect as Learned.

The Department of Law proudly offers LL.B. (Hons.) and LL.M. (1 Year) and LL.M. (2 Years) Programs to craft future lawyers and judges by a highly qualified and experienced teachers. Students come from diverse backgrounds with aspirations of their own. They are intelligent and our task is to provide them a platform to decide their future course in life.

The Department provides an ideal blend of learning which will prepare students for the tomorrow and the burgeoning needs of the legal world, with broad perspective and finer details.