Mission and Vision of the Department of Pharmacy

AIM_6361The mission and vision of the Department of Pharmacy in Bangladesh University is to prepare students to be the most skilled, responsible, and caring Pharmacists. The Department started its journey from June 2004. The Bachelor of Pharmacy is 4 year degree program. The total credit offered is 163. Students following successful completion of this program will be able to conduct higher studies and work at home and abroad with proficiencies. B. Pharm. (Hons.) graduates have ample scope to work in the production, quality control, quality assurance, sales and promotion departments of the pharmaceuticals manufacturing industries and in the community and hospital pharmacies both at home and abroad.

The university Grants Commission has approved the curriculum of Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honors) (Ref. No. 309(2)/96/7060, dt. 12.09.2004). The Department has also been accredited by Bangladesh Pharmacy Council (BPC) in 2008.

The Department of Pharmacy is currently being served by highly competent faculty members with degrees from reputed home and foreign universities of varied backgrounds, excellent academic tracks, research aptitude and professional expertise which will ensure the quality education, generate profound research and analytical skill. Eminent Professors from different universities and distinguished professional experts from various Pharmaceutical Industries are involved in manifold academic activities.

To support undergraduate teaching and their final year research projects, the Department has several established laboratories which are equipped with modern resources and facilities. The students conduct research on natural drug screening, drug bioavailability, drug formulation development, novel drug delivery techniques (nanoparticle, niosome etc), pharmaceutical marketing, molecular biology, pharmacology, analytical chemistry etc. National and international seminars, medical campaigning programs, industrial visits, study tours are arranged regularly.

Research Works:

Bangladesh University is very keen to support the research works by providing adequate fund. Pharmacy Department already completed two Bangladesh university funded Research Project successfully (Research Title: 1. Solubility and dissolution enhancement of poorly water soluble drugs: In-vitro-In-vivo analysis and 2. Development and characterization of floating microsphere: In-vitro-In-vivo analysis). As the fund is gradually increasing every year the faculty members feel inspired and interested to do research works in all areas of Pharmacy.