Message from The Head

I joined the Bangladesh University as a professor and Head of the Department of Mathematics in July, 2013. Bangladesh University started its journey in 2001 but the university Grants Commission approved the curriculum of the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematics. In 2005 making it the first private university to have a full –fledged independent Department of Mathematics that offered a four year course in Mathematics. It is both a pleasure and a privilege for me to lead this Department which currently offers higher education that is both relevant and of high quality.

About Department of Mathematics

In the 3rd meeting of the Departmental curriculum committee of the Department of Mathematics, the agenda about the replacement of the course code numbers of the approved revised B. Sc.(Hon’s) syllabus of Mathematics by new ones was discussed elaborately and the committee said that the code numbers of


Mission and Vision of the Department of Mathematics

The Mission of the Department of Mathematics is to provide modern scientific and quality education through an integrated and balanced education system .We want our young mathematicians to attain intellectual competence, analytical ability and ethical perfection so that they can contribute to the development of


SYLLABUS OF Mathematics Department

Listening: Listening for comprehension, listening for general information, listening for specific information, listening for gist of details.

Speaking: Speaking in different contexts, different modes of interaction.

Reading: Skimming, scanning, predicting, reading for comprehension, reading for vocabulary development.


Full Time Faculty Members of Mathematics Department

Full-Time Faculty Members:

  1. Umma Kulsum Suma
  2. Nahid Sultana
  3. Dr. Md. Zakaria Hossain
  4. Momotaz Katun


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