Full Time Faculty Members of EEE Department

Full-Time Faculty Members:

No. Photograph Name & Designation Research / Number of Publication
1. 1 Dr. Md. Imamuddin  

B.Sc.(Hons.), M.Sc in Physics (DU) & Doctorate  in Science (Belgium)

Professor & Head of EEE and Dean, Faculty of Science, Engineering & Technology

Research Interest:

Semiconductors, Electronics & Electrical Circuits

Number of Publications: 16

2. 2 Prof. Dr. Md. Shafiqul Islam

B.Sc & M.Sc. Engg.(BUET) & Ph.D(DCU,Republic of Ireland)

Advisor of  EEE, BU & Prof. of BUET

Research Interest:


Author of a Book: Communication Engg.


Number of Publications:72

3. 4  Dr. Md. Muhibbullah

M.Sc (RU), M.Phil (RU) & PhD (Japan)

Assistant Professor

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Research Interest:

Renewable Energies
1. Thin film solar cell
2. Sea wave power
3. Power from waste heat

Number of Publications: 22

4. 5  Md. Muhaimin

B.Sc & M.Sc. Engg.(BUET), PhD (BUET)(ongoing)

Asst. Prof & Coordinator

Research Interests:

Electronics, Power Line Communication, Broadband Wireless Communication

Number of Publications: 01

5. 7  Rasedul Hasan
B.Sc  in EEE (KUET), M.Sc in Electrical Engineering (UM, Malaysia)

Assistant Professor

Research Interest:

PV Inverter, Power Electronics, Grid Connected PV System

Number of Publications: 7

6. 7  Ms. Tajrian Mollick

B.Sc in EECE (MIST), M.Sc in ICT (IICT, BUET) (on going)

Sr. Lecturer

Research Interest:

Cognitive Radio, Optical Wireless Communication, Cooperative Network

Number of Publications: 4

Email: tajrianmollick@yahoo.com

7. 8  Tabassum E Nur

B.Sc in EECE (MIST), M.Sc in ICT( IICT, BUET ) (on going)

Sr. Lecturer

Research Interest:

Communication and Cognitive Radio Network

Number of Publications: 2

Email: tabassum.vnsc@gmail.com

8.  10 Syed Khalid Rahman

B.Sc in EEE (AIUB), M.Sc  in ICT ( BUET) (on going)

Sr. Lecturer & Coordinator

Research Interest:

Signal Processing, Super-capacitor

Number of Publications: 7

Email: oberon.syed@gmail.com

9. 10 Md Shahrier Hakim

B.Sc. in EEE (KUET),  M.Sc. in Electrical Power Engineering, University of Greenwich, England

Sr. Lecturer

Research Interest:

Smart Grid, Renewable Energy

Number of Publications: 3

Email: shahrier.hakim@gmail.com

10. 10 M M Naushad Ali

B.Sc. in EEE (IUT), M.Sc. in Industrial and Management Engineering, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Republic of Korea

Sr. Lecturer

Research Interest:

Image Processing, Machine Learning, Computer Vision

Number of Publications: 9

Email: naushad.iut@gmail.com

11. 11  Kazi Rehnuma Zafreen

B.Sc  in EEE (AUST), M.Sc in EEE (AUST) (ongoing)


Research Interest :
Renewable Energy, Power System
Number of Publications: 5Email: rehnumazafreen@gmail.com
12.  12 Sanchita Ghose

B.Sc  in EEE (AUST) &

M.Sc in EEE (BUET) (on going)


Research Interest :
Biomedical, Electronics
Number of Publications: 1Email: sanchita_xmr@yahoo.com
13. 14  Krishna Chandra Roy

B. Sc. in ECE (KUET), M.Sc. in ICT (BUET) (ongoing)


Research Interest:
Biomedical Imaging, Optical Fiber Communication, Reconfigurable Computing.Number of Publications: 5Email: krish_roy001@yahoo.com


14. 15  Nusrat Karim

B. Sc. in EEE (KUET)


Research Interest :
Semiconductor and Renewable EnergyNumber of Publications: 2Email: nusratjuthykarim@gmail.com
15.  16 Jakeya Sultana Jyoti

B.Sc  in ETE (RUET)

M.Sc in EEE ( IUT) ( On going).


Research Interest:
Terahertz Signal transmission, Optical Fiber Communication, Long haul communication.
Number of Publications: 9Email: jakeyaete09ruet@gmail.com
16. 18  Rakibul Hassan

B.Sc in EEE (AUST), M.Sc in EEE (AUST)

(on going)

Research Interest:

VLSI Technology, Nanotechnology, MEMRISTOR Based non-volatile Memory Cell Design.

Number of Publications: 3

Email: rakib_h@y7mail.com

17. 19  A. Z. M. Taiyer

B.Sc in EEE (KUET)

Research Interest:

Semiconductor Device, VLSI, Embedded System.

Number of Publications: 1

Email: azm.taiyer@gmail.com